Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heat Record

Today there was a heat record in Melbourne. It was 44c in the shade. So we went to the beach. It was a very nice beach win fine sand and crystal clear water. It was hard to find a place with some shade but we finally managed to find some by a bench with a big sheet thing over it. There we spent the whole day. And when we weren't in the shade we were in the water cooling off. The water wasn't far at all from where we were sitting but you still had to wear your flip flops when you went down to the water because the sand was burning hot. So here we spent the day covered in 30spf sun screen. Later Anders picked us up and we got to see his office and all his colleges. Then we went to a thai-malay restaurant with Dino. They had excellent food in there and it was nice and cool. When we got home the thermostat showed 34c although it was passed ten. We only have air conditioning in the kitchen so the kids made up beds and spent the night in there.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Philips Island

There were alot of beautiful views and water on our way, but our destination for the day was a Penguin sanctuary. Here you could se the little penguins (around 30cm high) waded out of the water to meet there partners (who came all the way down to the water to greet them) and take home the food they caught back to their children. It was very romantic to see them go meet each other and see how happy they were when they did. Then they would walk back to their nest which could be up to 1km away from the beach.

Beautiful places

There were alot of beautiful places and sights we saw on the way to our destination. We even stopped and had a very typical ozzy meal "fish and chips" in a papperrap.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


After the zoo we went to Smith Beach where we had a good time on the beach laying in the sun and the kids bought surfingboards that you lay on. They were in the water the whole day surfing. We had sunscreen 20 and 30 on but we got burned any way. That we will feel tomorrow.


Today we went to the Philips Isand it is 120km from us. On the way we find a small zoo. They had kagurus, kola, emus and wombats mm. We bought food for the animals and went in to the kagurus and fed them. They were so cute with theirs eyelashis and small feet. We also saw a white kaguru that we have never seen before.

Swedish church

Today we got all our things from Ikea, the internet guy was here fixing the internet and the dryer is deliverd also. Our kids are going to be so good when they move from home putting together all ikea furniture. After so many moves they know how to put everything together and reading the manuel. In the evening we went to the Swedish church to go for a BBQ and meet some new people we thought. They had a really nice place downtown best area with a wonderful garden and a pool. The people there was more in my grandparents age and nice but making new friends and see other children was out of the question. They played swedish music and they made good food but after that we said we had to go home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Settle down

Now we have been in Melbourne for three days and the jetlag is really good. Anders has been unpacking lot of our staff before we came but now we need to buy things to put them in. Me and the kids went with the Tram to the big house Ikea. It was so hot to walk from to the tram och from the tram. Ikea looks exactly as home Stockholm/Shanghai. Now we have a list of all the things that we need to buy so we are going back tomorrow and let them send the furniture home.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just arrived to Melbourne

Today we came to Melbourne after a long trip from Sweden - Germany - Hongkong - Melbourne. We flu with Cathay Pacific Airways and it was great. It wasn´t as bad as I thought and everything was smothy even the kids thought it was okey. So if you want to come and visit us don´t let the flighttime be a reason not to come. When we arrived at the house we saw all these guests that live around our house.