Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lukas Birthday

Lukas turning 16 what did the time went..... We started the morning singing for Lukas diffrently because he was up before everybody so we went under his blanket in his bed and when he came in we sang for him and guess if he was supprised when he came in to his room. He got the book to "Learn to drive, Drive to learn" and money so he was happy. For dinner he wanted blue mussles in white wine and for dessert Lukas made frozen cheesecake with rasberry, sooooo good.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Movie to see

Today I went with my Bookclub to the cinema. We saw "The Reader" a very good movie that I can recomend to see. A romantic drama is set in a post-World War II Germany, and tells the story of “a man whose life has been shaped by an illicit affair with a passionate, elusive older women during his youth. The film stars Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennesome actors in the movie and also a swedish actor Lena Olin.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jenny is back from Camp

Jenny is back from camp and she thought is was to short. She had a great time and got a lot of new friends. Her two very special friends are Claire and Tamara as you can see in the picture. They went for a bikeride, Jenny was the only one who biked all the way up the hill think the rides back and forth to school is paying off, shipwreck walk, snorkling and surfing. The first night they slept in a cabine and second night in a tent with her two friends. Jenny loved surfing and like to go to surfcamp soon. They also saw koala bears, wallabis and a blue tonged lizard in the wild.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bikeride and pool party

Today I and Anders took our bikes for a ride in the park. It was so nice and it felt like the rainforest sometimes. It was also very dry and some crazy person put on a fire Thursday evening but 70 fire fighters could stop it during the night to Friday. We were out for three hours and we saw a lot of birds like white parrots, corps and stork. In the after noon we were invited to a pool party at Åsas house. It was two other familys there too and we had a nice afternoon. Drinking beer and soda and eating hotdogs. Around eight we went home so Jenny could pack her bags for camp tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Perfect temperature

Today has been perfect weather like a nice summer day 27C and a little windy. We have been visting another beach wiht cristall clear water, white sand and just a few people. The kids digged holes and made funny moves infront of the camera. Just relaxing and reading books as good as you can wish for. Look at the red yellyfish in the clear water.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Smoke over Melbourne

As you can see at the picture it is smoke over Melbourne/Viktoria. You can see the line where the smoke is and where the nice blue sky is. According to the news it seems that they have the fires under controll and they also arrested a person they beleive is responsible for at least one fire that killed 21 people. They think some fires are deliberately lit.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NOT burning in North Balwyn

Here where we live is not burning. The closest fire is 60km from our house. The wind is not in our direction so we don´t smell the smoke at all. It is hard to understand that the fires are so close to us when you watch tv and we don´t see it. The news is on all the time talking about the fire and how people collect money for the victims. It is very hilly where we live and right now the tempeture is down to 18C so it is a little bit to cold right now after all that heat.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More relaxed style

Today is Day four in school and it feels a little bit more relaxed when putting on the uniform. Jenny made her dress much shorter and thiner and Lukas is wering trousers. Of course they take the bike to school and to go there it takes 10min because it's down hill and getting home 20min because it's up hill.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cooler today

Today it is much cooler outside 25C and it was so nice. We have been around the house today cleaning up the garage and unpacked the last boxes inside the house and put stuff into the garage. Anders has been washing the car and we also went shopping for some school materials. I drove for the first time on the wrong side of the road. Every time I was turning I put on the windscreen wipers and every time I was so supprised. Everything is on the wrong side in the car. In our house the door knobs are very high up so you feel like a dwarf. Jenny is not as short as she looks like in the picture :).

As hot as it could be

Today we had a heat record ever in Melbourne 47C. So where should you be on a hot day like that? We went along the coast to "Gunna Matta beach". White sand, turquoise water and waves. We bought a beach tent to bring along, so now we really look like locals. It's a must in this heat. We also had a big coolerbag with water and lunch. The water temprature was around 25C but in the begining it felt really cold, but it was so nice compared to the heat. We were standing or swimming in the water all day and was just in the tent for lunch. Then the sun disepeared and it got a little bit cooler and so nice.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lukas has got a new pet

Lukas got a new pet. We didn´t ask for it, it moved in by itself. He´s kind of cute and harmless. This morning when he made his bed he found a big spider in his cover that was not at all nice.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anders new computer desk

Anders got a new computer desk that you lay down in your lap. It is like a pillow with a board attached to it. It is very comfortable when you like to sit on the sofa chatting with your friend on the computer.

First Day of School

So then the first day of school was finished. A lot of good impressions and a lot of new faces but no complaints and a lot of laughter at the dinner table. Lukas even met a guy that went to scis in shanghai. Jenny's teacher asked Jenny what state she was from, Jenny didn't understand what she meant and said she was from Sweden. They think she has such an American accent and it sounds so cute. She also says that they don't say "no" here but pronounce it "nore" and it sounds really weird. And they said it was real embarrassing because both Jenny and Lukas had PE but they came in their regular uniform, when the whole class had their PE uniform on. Jenny has PE tomorrow so it is collard shirt with shorts and her own shoes on.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday Evening

So it nears the first school day, which is on Wednesday this week. So we have been to the school again and gotten information and more peppers to fill in, and we also got a tour of the school. Tomorrow we have to go buy book from this long list we received. We haven't really understood it yet but it'll probably turn out ok. It is still very hot but atleast now you can stand it. Today we had 32c. We keep working on the house but it never seems to end. We have also been to Coles (store) today, it seems we spend alot of time there right now when we have to fill the racks with things like spices.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

School Uniform

Yesterday Friday it was time for our first visit to "Balwyn High School". There was a whole pile of peppers to fill in and a bunch of choices make. The school starts on Monday but all the newcomers don't start until Wednesday. It is a very school and only in tenth grade there is 365 students. Grade seven that jenny is starting is the lowest grade in the school so there will be alot of new students coming. The first impression of the school was very good. After we had been at the school we went to the place that sells uniforms, which you have to wear in the school. The uniform was very old fashion, so you couldn't help but to laugh when you saw it. It's good you have kids with a sense of humor.